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Volunteer Subsidy Policy for the 2020 Season - DEADLINE TO SUBMIT IS SEPT 15, 2020.

RVJGC-E does not have a built in "Volunteer Ransom" we would rather give the option to volunteer your time to support our program and receive credit back on fees paid.  We have two different Volunteer Credits available for our members.  PLEASE NOTE THAT FOR THE 2020  MEMBERSHIP SEASON ALL VOLUNTEER CREDITS WILL BE A MAXIMUM OF MEMBERSHIP FEES PAID LESS A $25 ADMINISTRATION FEE.

There is a subsidy available to those who choose to volunteer their time to the club.

There are many ways to volunteer at RVJGC-E.  For an overview of how you may give your gift of time, please visit our volunteer opportunity page on our website: Volunteer Positions 

Volunteering is a requirement for those who wish to be reimbursed for their golfer's tournament entry fees. 

GENERAL VOLUNTEER CREDIT (based on number of hours volunteered):

Members can choose to volunteer for special events such as tournaments and Junior nights.  Volunteer time will be tracked on an hourly basis.  The hourly rate for volunteer service is determined at the end of the season (based on the total number of hours worked by all volunteers - Please note that the General Volunteer Credit WILL NOT include the Casino - please see below).  In previous seasons the value worked out to be between $10 and $13 per volunteer hour worked.  

Example: in 2014 the parents of that level 1 registrant in the example above would need to work approximately 4.5 hours of volunteer work in order to be reimbursed the full amount available ($50 divided by $11/hour  = ~4.5 hours).

(Example: Membership for 2019 purchased was Level IV at a cost of $75 less $25 administration .  Maximum reimbursement will be $50.00.  


Logging your Volunteer Hours:

To have your hours of volunteer service counted by the club, please fill out the "RVJGC-E VOLUNTEER HOURS SUBMISSION FORM" excel sheet.  
In order to count all our volunteer hours and determine refund amounts in a timely manner at the of the season, we recommend you complete this form as soon as possible after your volunteer service is performed. The DEADLINE for forms to be submitted for the 2020 season is September 15, 2020.

**Please note, Casino shifts will be tracked separately from all other volunteer duties.  

Download the form by clicking the icon below and send to our club e-mail (rivervalley.juniorgolf@gmail.com).

Volunteer Hours Submission Form

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